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SigTech products enable capital market professionals to optimize decision-making and enhance their market performance. Our solutions, the SigTech Platform, SDK and our custom GPT, harness proprietary analytics and high-quality datasets, from the world’s most trusted vendors, to offer unparalleled insights and forecasting accuracy.

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Comprehensive Python-based quant infrastructure. Validation, portfolio construction and strategy deployment with clean multi-asset data.

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Get going in minutes and enjoy complete flexibility with a streamlined feature set. Code in your preferred language or leverage our simple Python SDK.

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Chat-based portfolio construction and shareable charts with premium financial data. No code. No charges. Just talk through your ideas.



Since early 2023, SigTech has been building autonomous AI agents by augmenting base AI models with domain-specific datasets, knowledge, analytics and calculation capabilities to achieve superhuman performance in a wide range of financial expertise. We’ve called it SigFi. Leveraging our decade long expertise, SigFi will be our first new product that deeply integrates autonomous AI agents with specialized financial datasets and analytics.

SigFi is crafted to achieve superhuman performance across various financial sectors—including economics, fundamental and quantitative analysis, portfolio management, investment, derivatives, corporate finance, and wealth advisory.

Generative AI models are rapidly advancing in their ability to reason and acquire knowledge. Current large language models now achieve the 70% pass rate on Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams, the standard pass threshold for human analysts.

By the end of 2024, SigFi’s AI agents are expected to consistently score above 95% on CFA exams. We believe this new product is poised to significantly enhance the capabilities of hundreds of thousands of financial professionals around the world.

Data availability, quality and seamless delivery are always a key challenge in building a good quantitative model. This is certainly an area where SigTech's platform helps tremendously.

Robert James
Quantitative Researcher, NGS Super

The platform was extremely easy to use and I had the entire toolkit at my fingertips from data, backtesting to production. Algo allocation is complex but SigTech made it intuitive to build the strategies, even for our most ambitious ideas. SigTech has exactly what we need to help launch our funds and is a reliable and trustworthy partner along the way.

Thomas Orbert
Chief Investment Officer, Truepenny Capital Management

SigTech gave us the technological agility we needed to meet the requirements of our clients not just for today, but also for the foreseeable future.

Global Head of Systematic Strategies
Global bank

SigTech stood out from the start as a credible partner to help us expand our Multi Asset business. What their team and platform achieved in months would have taken us over a year to build in-house. I was particularly impressed with the team’s knowledge of systematic trading and quant methodologies.

Chief Operating Officer
Global asset manager

SigTech enabled us to backtest and deploy new systematic trading strategies in record time. Now, our fund has cutting-edge in-house quant capabilities enabling the team to create maximum value for clients.

Senior Systematic Macro Trader
Australian superannuation fund

Institutional investors managing a collective $5 trillion in assets are enhancing their research and data with SigTech

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