A Systematic
Investment Platform

A Systematic

SIGTech is a cloud-based analytical platform for financial and academic institutions to conduct quantitative multi-asset research and investment.


  • No expensive laborious process of data onboarding
  • No exorbitant upfront cost of multi-year infrastructure build-out
  • No delay to research, implementation and investment


  • A cloud-based SaaS platform deployed, managed and supported by us
  • Secure, no shared backend between clients, ISO 27001 certification
  • A Python-based programming environment with access to both proprietary and open-source libraries
  • Cleaned, validated market data across equities, fixed-income, FX, commodities, credit and more
  • A modular building-block approach that allows easy reuse and collaboration in strategy development
  • An accurate backtesting engine that models the whole trade life cycle at instrument level
  • A sophisticated and customisable transaction cost model
  • Seamless integration with execution and order management systems
  • Open architecture, proactive 3rd-party integration

SIG Technologies
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