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Discover how a global bank is using SigTech to scale their infrastructure in days rather than months

The bank had reached a stage where their current infrastructure was stalling their ability to scale and service clients faster. When they evaluated SigTech, they were impressed to find a product that could meet the requirements of three desks across three regions with an implementation time of less than a month.

Global Bank Case Study

SigTech gave us the technological agility we needed to meet the requirements of our clients not just for today, but also for the foreseeable future.

Global Head of Systematic Strategies 

Case Study

  • The bank wanted to create a centralized source of clean market data that could be accessed uniformly and without friction, to accelerate the research process for multiple teams.
  • The equities, alpha strategies and QIS teams at this global bank required a platform to research and test trading strategies with validated data.
  • The team wanted rapid access to alternative datasets, as well as the ability to onboard existing data from the bank’s proprietary data lake.
  • A more advanced backtesting framework was required to allow scalability and incorporate both optimization and detailed transaction cost modelling.
  • SigTech provided the teams with all necessary data, research tools and a best-in-class backtesting engine – instantly accessible via the cloud.
  • Over 300 pre-built and customizable strategies allowed the teams to quickly backtest their new trading ideas.
  • SigTech provided instant access to clean and validated data, including broad cross-asset coverage with intraday minute bar price, trade and volume data.
  • One-click deployment from research to production eliminated double implementation and reduced slippage.
  • Internal silos were removed, providing a common unified environment for each team to research, share and test their ideas.
  • Strategy creation was expedited with SigTech’s strategy building blocks and the provision of clean, uniformly structured data.
  • SigTech’s market data browser provided a clear and structured overview of all internal and external data available.
  • The QIS team expects a 25% increase in clients using SigTech; the Equities team were able to test 3 new alt data providers per month; the Alpha Strategies team reduced time to market by switching to a single platform for research and production.


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