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Discover how Truepenny Capital Management is using SigTech to scale their quant infrastructure and launch the firm’s first systematic funds

As an emerging manager, time to market is key and resources are often constrained. The team at Truepenny was looking for a partner that would enable them to rapidly go to market with their investment strategies, while letting them focus on their core activity of generating alpha.

Our cloud-based quant technology platform provided them with the necessary quant infrastructure, including access to a wide range of validated and operationally-ready data, research tools, a backtesting engine and the ability to put their strategies into production.

The platform was extremely easy to use and I had the entire toolkit at my fingertips from data, backtesting to production. Algo allocation is complex but SigTech made it intuitive to build the strategies, even for our most ambitious ideas.

SigTech has exactly what we need to help launch our funds and is a reliable and trustworthy partner along the way.

Thomas Orbert, Chief Investment Officer

Case Study

  • Thomas Orbert, CIO of Truepenny, was in the process of setting up the required quant infrastructure to enable launching the firm’s first systematic fund based on allocation algorithms.
  • As a startup the team had no legacy infrastructure and was looking to rapidly go to market with its ideas.
  • Truepenny wanted to backtest its allocation algos and build pitch books in order to attract investors within a strict timeline.
  • It is Truepenny’s ambition to launch two systematic funds: a global macro, and a liquid alternative fund.
  • SigTech provided the Truepenny team with all necessary data, research tools and a best-in-class backtesting engine.
  • As experienced quants and programmers, the team found the platform easy to use and was able to quickly implement existing strategies, as well as test new ideas.
  • SigTech’s backtest-ready intraday data and customizable pre-defined strategy templates gave the team a head-start.
  • The onboarding process was frictionless and expedited by excellent and proactive communications with the SigTech product and support team.
  • Within only a few months Truepenny went from an idea to a fully operating systematic strategy that is ready to trade live.
  • With SigTech, Thomas and his team can fully leverage their extensive knowledge of systematic trading and focus on creating new strategies, not data validation or infrastructure buildout.
  • As a cloud-hosted service, SigTech was fit for purpose from day one, without the need for time consuming in-house development.
  • Showcasing their custom strategies in a responsive and agile way, is well received by potential investors.


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