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Discover how one of Australia's leading superannuation funds is using SigTech to scale their quant set-up

New regulatory changes are incentivizing Australian superannuation funds to internalize previously outsourced, high-fee investments. As one of the largest superannuation funds in AUS, the team decided to bring systematic capabilities in-house and invest directly by utilizing SigTech for their systematic research.

We provided our client with the necessary cloud-based data, research tools and backtesting engine to accelerate their investment process.

SigTech enabled us to backtest and deploy new systematic trading strategies in record time. Now, our fund has cutting-edge in-house quant capabilities enabling the team to create maximum value for clients, without paying third-party fees.

Senior Systematic Macro Trader

Case Study

  • New regulatory changes incentivize AUS superannuation funds to bring previously outsourced, high-fee investments, in-house.
  • As one of the largest superannuation funds in AUS, the team decided to bring systematic capabilities in-house and invest directly.
  • The fund was looking to test new trading ideas as fast as possible, to enable a senior analyst responsible for systematic macro strategies, who had been hired recently.
  • The seasoned quant team had previous experience of building an in-house research platform and knew that it would take years to build. Therefore decided to take advantage of an existing SaaS platform, such as SigTech.
  • SigTech provided the quant team with all necessary data, research tools and best-in-class backtesting engine – instantly accessible via the cloud.
  • Over 100+ pre-built and customizable strategies allowed the team to quickly backtest their new trading ideas.
  • Access to clean and validated data, readily available, including intraday minute bar prices for FX and futures, as well as options.
  • Built-in production environment for instant strategy deployment and live trading.
  • Within two months the entire quant team was fully up and running, testing and deploying new trading strategies.
  • Thanks to the available source code of existing strategies within the SigTech platform, the team was quickly able to extend the backtesting of highly sophisticated strategies.
  • As a cloud-hosted service, SigTech was fit for purpose from day one, without the need for time consuming in-house development.
  • The SigTech production environment allows for strategy deployment before it goes into actual live trading to monitor performance and potential slippage.


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