SigTech plugin for ChatGPT

SigTech provides two integrations with ChatGPT. For the best experience, use our custom GPT. If you’d like to use SigTech with third party plugins within the same ChatGPT conversation, use the plugin.

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Note that the SigTech ChatGPT plugin uses the SigTech API and the same terms of use apply: API terms of service

How to install

You can also view these instructions as a video.

1. Upgrade to Pro

Get a ChatGPT account and upgrade it to Pro (only Pro accounts can use plugins).

2. Enable plugins in settings

In ChatGPT, select your username (located in the bottom-left), go to “Settings & Beta”, then “Beta features”, then enable plugins.

3. Enable plugins in new chat

Start a new chat, hover over the latest version of ChatGPT, and select “Plugins”.

4. Go to plugin store

Select the “no plugins enabled” menu and then “plugin store”.

5. Install SigTech plugin

Search for “SigTech” and install the plugin (if you don’t see it, an update is currently awaiting OpenAI’s approval — please check back in a few days!).

6. Enable SigTech plugin

In the ChatGPT new-chat interface, select the latest version of ChatGPT, click the dropdown menu at the top again, and enable the SigTech plugin.

7. Talk & share!

See the top of this page for inspiration. Use the icon in the top-right to share your conversation with others.

8. Hide conversations (optional)

If you’re concerned about ChatGPT having access to your conversations, go to settings and disable “chart history & training”.