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Backtest in minutes, not months

You are two minutes away from backtesting your strategy with pre-ingested, clean data. Try our streamlined API-based feature set today.

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A slice of leading hedge funds’ toolset

Our clients require pristine, dependable data and precision-focused backtesting. A portion of our suite of tools and data is now accessible through a modular API. This grants you the opportunity to try out a subset of our capabilities before committing to the platform, and facilitates the integration of SigTech functionalities with other applications.

Backtest with unparalleled accuracy

Our backtesting framework offers an exceptionally precise simulation of real-world trading scenarios. Backtesting inaccuracies can lead to missed opportunities and inaccurate cost projections, undermining your research. At SigTech, we incorporate event-driven, point-in-time, and remodeled slippage approaches into our backtesting strategy, meeting the standards of clients and safeguarding against the pitfalls of overfitting models.

Financial data, ready to go

Save yourself months of work and dive into testing your ideas today. Utilize our meticulously cleaned, pre-ingested data instead of grappling with raw, messy datasets. Our data goes back to 2010, enabling you to conduct truly epic backtests.

Alternatively, seamlessly integrate your proprietary data into our backtesting tools and tap into our data validation endpoints for streamlined and effective cleanup.

Ultimate flexibility — integrate into any system

Use any language: Engineered for simplicity, our API accommodates your choice of programming language.

Integrate your app: Develop a personalized dashboard or leverage our capabilities to enhance your app and offer it to third parties.

User-friendly Python SDK: For Python fans, our SDK offers an even simpler and more straightforward experience. It incorporates all the major libraries, including NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Python SDK    API Reference

Dive in: Example notebooks

Experience the API’s performance firsthand with these example notebooks, hosted in Google Colab. You’ll need to sign up and grab an API key to run them.

APIfying a decade of premium tools & data

Our SDK, as powerful as it is, offers only a glimpse of the extensive feature set within our platform. These tools have been built up and refined from over a decade of usage at top global institutions. Although the complete capabilities of SigTech will always remain exclusive to the platform, we are gradually extending more of our platform functionalities to the SDK.


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Use now    Python SDK