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The leading provider of quant technologies

SigTech’s award-winning platform ingests, cleans and validates financial data, and provides the tools to research, build, and deploy customized strategies – giving an edge in alpha generation. 


Specializing in macro strategies and cross asset allocation with operationally-ready datasets across a wide range of financial instruments.  

SigTech eliminates the expensive upfront costs of infrastructure build-out, giving clients an edge in alpha generation from day one.

The SigTech platform was originally built over eight years ago to manage systematic investments at Brevan Howard, which remains a SigTech client today. After the spinoff into an independent company in early 2019, the team has grown substantially and established SigTech as the leading provider of quant technologies.

Our journey

  • Inception

    Initial development of tools for internal use. Aimed to develop “the gold standard” of quantitative research platforms.

  • Battle-tested

    The platform went live and was used to manage multiple UCITS quant funds at Brevan Howard.

    Addition of increasingly sophisticated analytics. Continual enhancement based on live performance.

  • Q1


    Since 2013, the platform has had over 7 years of continual iteration and improvement.

    SigTech spun out in Feb 2019 and deployed a cloud-hosted SaaS platform. Legal, physical and technological separation from Brevan Howard.

  • Q2-Q4


    Anchor client: $500BN+ AUM asset manager. Investment in cyber security. All client data are encrypted at rest and in transit.

  • Q1

    Growing community

    ISO 27001 certification accredited. Launched the SigTech education program with the world’s top universities. Launched the SigTech Education Program (STEP), working with some of the world’s leading universities.

  • Q4

    SaaS 2.0 launched

    A step change in performance: parallelization delivers huge speed improvements.

    New collaboration and version control tools introduced.

    New data query functionality to handle >2.5bn data points now available on the SigTech platform.

  • October

    CLS partnership announced

    SigTech proudly announces a new collaboration with CLS, the market leaders in FX settlement data, bringing this hugely valuable dataset to a new audience.

  • March


    Launch of a US entity and two new US-based team members join the SigTech team.

  • April


    Fund managers with a combined AUM of $312 billion are now using the SigTech platform.

  • May

    IHS Markit Data Lake integration

    SigTech becomes the first quant platform to integrate with IHS Markit Data Lake providing seamless access to over 1,500 proprietary datasets.

  • January

    Continued Growth

    Clients in over a dozen countries with combined AUM of over $5 trillion are now using our enterprise SaaS platform. The team has grown to ca. 70 people, more than doubling the headcount during 2021.


    SigTech announces DaVe

    DaVe provides insights into data quality, with metrics and exportable results. Use DaVe to help ensure data integrity, so you can be confident that your conclusions are based on solid ground.

  • JULY

    SigTech launches API beta

    SigTech’s new API provides direct access to specific research functionalities available on the SigTech platform. These functionalities – currently utilized by some of the world’s leading hedge funds – are designed to strengthen and accelerate your trading and investment strategies.

Leading the way

A world-class team of quant innovation experts

Our leadership team has more than 50 years of combined experience in systematic investing and research from leading firms including Brevan Howard, Man GLG, Barclays Capital, UBS, Deutsche Bank and State Street.

The wider SigTech team brings extensive financial markets experience from Citadel, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, HSBC, CME, Refinitiv, Bloomberg, FactSet, Red Deer and Standard & Poor’s.

Bin Ren Headshot

Bin Ren is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SigTech. Previously he was the Chief Investment Officer of the Systematic Investment Group (SIG) at Brevan Howard Asset Management where he managed multiple UCITS investment funds.

Bin Ren

Founder & CEO

Stuart Broadfoot Headshot

Stuart is VP, Research AI & Analytics at SigTech. Prior to joining, Stuart spent more than five years at Brevan Howard Asset Management as a Quantitative Analyst and Portfolio Strategist.

Stuart Broadfoot

VP, Research

A headshot picture of Didier Valon

With over 20 years in Tech, Didier has evolved from a software developer to an ExCo member, expertly aligning IT strategies with corporate objectives.

Didier Varon

VP, Engineering

Krishna Nadella

Krishna, the VP of Business Development for the Americas, boasts over 20 years in capital markets with a specialization in FinTech and FinServ.

Krishna Nadella

VP, Business Development Global

David Comerford-Green is the General Counsel of SigTech and is responsible for the group’s global legal and compliance function.

David Comerford-Green

General Counsel

Alex is VP, Operations, looking after HR, Market Data, IT, Recruitment and Marketing. Alex has a diverse background working in multiple senior operations roles at Apple, Uber and CloudKitchens, as well as an earlier career in politics and communications.

Alex Armstrong

VP, Operations

Emma Pocklington Headshot

Emma Pocklington is SigTech’s Finance Director. Previously, Emma was the Global Finacial Controller/Manager for JRNI, a global appointment booking platform, helping the company scale across three continents and managed multiple rounds of fundraising through to Series C.

Emma Pocklington

Finance Director

David Culshaw Headshot

As VP of Business Development, David is responsible for both Product and Sales within SigTech. Learn more.

David Culshaw

VP, Global Head of Business Development

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