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Chase alpha, not infra

Ditch costly inaccuracies and time-sink build-outs. Get the quant infrastructure you need to validate and construct portfolios at speed.

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A decade of refinement

SigTech’s quant infrastructure has been refined by a decade of serving global institutional investors, leading to unparalleled breadth and intricacy.

SigTech enabled us to backtest and deploy new systematic trading strategies in record time. Now, our fund has cutting-edge in-house quant capabilities enabling the team to create maximum value for clients.

Senior Systematic Macro Trader
Australian superannuation fund

Obsessively precise trade simulation

Standard backtesting approaches often rely on approximations to simulate real-life historical trading conditions. These inaccuracies can accumulate, creating significant slippage between backtest and live results — slowing down strategy development at best, and creating costly illusions at worst. SigTech’s framework is defined by an uncompromising commitment to accuracy at the most granular level.

Precise trading costs: We apply historical trading costs at the time of execution, in the specific location of the transaction, for the particular instrument and trade type, and accounting for the client’s in-house trade information.

Granular market impact: Trade sizes and participation rates are carefully accounted for in modeling a transaction’s market impact, providing a true reflection of the market dynamics.

Time-of-day modeling: Our system accommodates market changes throughout the trading day in a given market — vital for stop-loss strategies and recognizing periods of market stress and crowding.

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Build bespoke investment strategies

The platform was extremely easy to use and I had the entire toolkit at my fingertips from data, backtesting to production. Algo allocation is complex but SigTech made it intuitive to build the strategies, even for our most ambitious ideas… SigTech has exactly what we need to help launch our funds and is a reliable and trustworthy partner along the way.

Thomas Orbert, Chief Investment Officer
Truepenny Capital Management

Multi-asset & intraday data, ready-to-go

SigTech offers all liquid asset classes, meticulously cleaned, harmonized, pre-mapped, validated, and pre-ingested. With histories that can be easily queried, stretching as far back as four decades and detailed down to one-minute bars, we provide an extensive view of the market landscape. Sourced from 25 reputable data providers, SigTech’s platform streamlines your data processing and analysis, reducing tasks that used to take months to mere minutes.

FX: spot, forwards, swaps, futures, options

Rates: interest rate swaps, interest rate futures, cash bonds, bond futures, options, credit indices

Commodities: futures, options

Volatility: equities, FX, rates, commodities, swaptions

Equities: index futures, ETFs, index options, variance swaps


Ingest your own data

Operationally-ready data

Data availability, quality and seamless delivery are always a key challenge in building a good quantitative model. This is certainly an area where SigTech's platform helps tremendously.

Robert James
Quantitative Researcher, NGS Super

A decade of templates & tools at your disposal

SigTech is dedicated to accelerating algorithmic trading at every stage. We’ve crafted a library of Python building blocks, specifically tailored to different asset types, enabling you to create complex strategies quickly with just a few lines of code.

Our extensive collection features hundreds of templates, examples, tutorials, and guides, designed to help you leverage our decade of knowledge and expertise with ease.

In addition to these resources, our library includes a full suite of built-in quant tools. Explore trend indicators such as RSI and MCD, and specialized filters like L1 regularization and Hodrick-Prescott smoothing.

Ready to dive deeper? Explore our comprehensive Documentation to discover more.


See the platform in action: Example strategies


Define a multi-asset universe for a trend-following strategy. Generate a target volatility signal, build a customized backtest, and analyze performance metrics and PnL attribution.

Example strategy

FX options

Effortlessly analyze volatility surfaces, assess Greeks and PNL attributions, trade various options including exotics, apply Delta hedging, combine strategies, and generate detailed reports.

Example strategy


Effortlessly query bond data, analyze cashflows and yield history, create signal overlays, trade baskets of bonds, and visualize strategy performance with SigTech’s powerful tools.

Example strategy

VIX options

Explore VIX options strategies using different call options. Create and manage option baskets, apply signal overlays, and analyze performance with SigTech.

Example strategy

Equities risk premia

Explore constructing US equities strategies using momentum, carry, and value factors. Select S&P 500 stocks, handle corporate actions, and optimize portfolios with SigTech tools.

Example strategy

Intraday futures

Access end-of-day and intraday data for chosen futures. Leverage signal crossovers to initiate positions shortly after exchange opening and exit before closure.

Example strategy

SigTech stood out from the start as a credible partner to help us expand our Multi Asset business. What their team and platform achieved in months would have taken us over a year to build in-house. I was particularly impressed with the team’s knowledge of systematic trading and quant methodologies.

Chief Operating Officer
Global asset manager

Take your validated strategies to production

SigTech’s hyper-accurate trade simulation capabilities make the platform ideal for both rigorous backtesting and live trading simulation. Schedule executions and monitor performance through our integrated dashboards. When you’re ready, switch to trading with real capital by integrating our RESTful APIs with your preferred workflows.

SigTech gave us the technological agility we needed to meet the requirements of our clients not just for today, but also for the foreseeable future.

Global Head of Systematic Strategies
Global bank


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