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I just read an article from the FT titled “Aluminium price slump ‘nearing a bottom’ as clean energy demand rises”.
Show me the performance of aluminum from 10 September 2021 onwards

Annualized Return: -11.215%
Cumulative Return: -25.909%
Max Drawdown: -46.188%
Latest Drawdown: -44.806%
Sharpe Ratio (0% RFR): -0.402
Volatility: 27.928%
Return over the Last Day: 0.026%
Return over the Last 5 Days: -0.514%
Return over the Last 20 Days: -0.417%

Give me the stats


Do you think the article is right?

The FT article you mentioned suggests that the aluminum price slump is “nearing a bottom” due to rising clean energy demand. However, the historical data shows a rather bearish trend. This could potentially indicate a divergence between market sentiment and actual performance, which is often an area of interest for traders and investors.


How is the price of aluminum related to clean energy demand?

Aluminum plays a key role in clean energy, from its use in wind turbines and solar panels to its potential in energy storage solutions like aluminum-air batteries. Its lightweight and recyclable nature make it attractive for these applications, although traditional production methods are energy-intensive. Economic factors, such as increased investment in clean energy and supportive government policies, can drive up both demand and price. Market speculation and geopolitical issues related to global sourcing can also impact price. Overall, the growing demand for clean energy could lead to increased use and cost of aluminum, but the relationship is complex due to various influencing factors.


From the performance data, would you agree that aluminum prices are nearing a bottom?

From September 10, 2021, to September 5, 2023, aluminum futures showed a largely bearish trend with an annualized return of -11.251% and a cumulative return of -25.928%. The market experienced significant drawdowns, including a max drawdown of -46.188%. Despite a slight uptick in the last 5 days, the market remains volatile with a 27.956% volatility rate. While a Financial Times article suggests that prices may be “nearing a bottom” due to rising clean energy demand, this sentiment doesn’t necessarily align with the data. Factors like supply chain disruptions, geopolitical tensions, and market sentiment can rapidly influence prices and aren’t captured in historical data. A comprehensive analysis, including technical indicators, would be needed to accurately assess whether the market has reached its bottom.

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