Financial Data Impact Report 2022

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7 Apr 2022

Alex Armstrong

Find out how financial data impacts the world’s leading systematic hedge funds and quant asset managers.

SigTech’s Quant Data Report 2022 gives insights from 100 systematic fund managers on how financial data is sourced, validated and onboarded in their organizations.

  • 79% will increase outsourcing of data services

  • 77% believe accessing high quality data is key to generate superior investment results

  • 76% see an increase in their budget for data

  • 68% are having difficulties sourcing clean and validated data


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SigTech commissioned a survey[1] of systematic hedge funds and quant asset managers that collectively oversee ca. USD 1.2 trillion.

Accessing high quality data sources and having the technological capabilities to efficiently analyze them is essential for hedge funds and asset managers. Those that succeed will gain a true information advantage.


Investment in data set to increase

76% of fund managers surveyed are increasing their budget for data over the next two years, with one in five seeing a dramatic increase. The number of available datasets have exploded and 84% of fund managers now work with at least four different data vendors.

How do you see your organization’s budget for data change over the next two years?


Most fund managers find sourcing data challenging

Nine out of ten fund managers find that the process to evaluate data, ensuring it meets quality standards, and negotiating with data vendors is challenging. These findings confirm the need for data vendors to improve how they offer their data to clients.

Evaluating data, negotiating with vendors and
ensuring that data is clean and validated, are
challenging processes. How strongly do you
agree or disagree with this view?


As available data sources are becoming increasingly specialized and varied, fund managers are increasing their levels of outsourcing data services. A shortage of qualified in-house subject matter experts is seen as the biggest driver of this trend. Furthermore, fund managers are focused on improving efficiency and speed when cleaning and onboarding new datasets.

For quantitative portfolio managers to stay competitive and continue to generate superior investment results, continuous investment in new data sources and technology is vital.

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[1] SigTech commissioned the market research company Pureprofile to survey systematic hedge funds and quant asset managers in North America, Europe and Asia. Interviews were conducted online in Q1 2022.


This document is not, and should not be construed as financial advice or an invitation to purchase financial products. It is provided for information purposes only and is subject to the terms and conditions of our disclaimer which can be accessed at:

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